Q: When will the Adventure Time DVDs be released?

A: I don’t know.  I’ve heard that it has something to do with itunes sales.  Like if the itunes sales do well then they’ll release DVDs.  I’m not sayin go buy the show on itunes.. I’m just sayin that’s a thing I’ve heard.

Q: Why haven’t you responded to my question/email/letter/formspring/tweet/vyou?

A: Aww I’m sorry y’all.  I’ve got enough energy to work 12 hours on Adventure Time, drive home, play xbox for an hour, eat pizza, call my mom and go to sleep.  I do read every email that I get.  I love readin ‘em!  And sometimes I will randomly answer one of them.  I know it sucks though to not get a response.  When I was 14 I emailed Todd McFarlane.. and I was super pissed at him when he didn’t write me back!  Eventually I got over it.. actually.. I never got over it, I just forgot about it.. I’m still mad.  But I understand now I guess.. he was either busy working or relaxing.. and relaxing is important to a brain.. if it has to work a lot.  That’s another thing I’ve learned.. gotta relax the brain y’all.. if you don’t.. it’ll.. shuuuuuutdooowwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Q: Is (insert any character here) going to be in any more episodes?

A:  Yeah, probably.  If we like a character than they’ll probably come back!

Q: Will you put the character that I created into Adventure Time?

A:  Aww man/gal I’m sorry.. but I’ve got 2 writers and 8 storyboard artists and 3 character designers all working on creating the most awesome characters ever.  I hired those 13 artists because I want to put the characters THEY create into Adventure Time.  So no, I’m probably not gonna put your character into Adventure Time but I love reading about fan-made characters on the web and in the emails that I get from y’all.

(update: I’m gonna put a fan made character into the show named Me-Mow.. because it’s so cute and it was drawn by a tiny kid)

Q: How can I get a job writing on Adventure Time.

A: Well.. if you’re writing on the show in the future it’s because I found you through someone I know telling me that you’re awesome or through work of yours that I picked up at a comics convention that led me to asking you to take a storyboard test.  I think all of the guys and gals writing on the show are people who are actively making art on their own time.. outside of the show.  I want to find more people like them because I know this dream team isn’t going to stick around forever.  I’m stoked to hire writers who are stoked about crafting stories that work on a higher level.  I think it’s easy to hack out generic stories with meaningless dialog.. and I think it’s easy if you’ve got the right bloobs to make someone laugh.. but it’s really hard to take a basic 11-minute story arc.. make it funny.. and make it beautiful.. all in the span of a couple weeks.  My storyboard crew is so fucking talented!  

Here’s a paraphrased quote from an answer that vyou.com/jessemoynihan (board artist on adventure time) gave to a question about getting a gig:  “I don’t want to sound mean but a lot of people’s stuff... there's nothing that indicates any kind of depth to their work.  But if the depth of your being projects through your work, people will want it. They'll need it.” -paraphrasing J. Moyns

So my advice is.. make stuff that’s high-level and put it on the web and send me a link to it.  Or just make stuff and sell it at a small press table at San Diego Comicon or SPX cause I’ll always be at those two conventions.. and I’ll always walk the whole floor to see if there’s anything awesome for sale.

Q: Can you give me advice on animation?

A: Yeahhhsss... well.. ehmm.. what I learned from animation school is the bouncing ball.  I learned how that worked and then I just applied it to everything.. like butts and legs and arms.. so that’s all I know about animation.  

Q: Can you give me advice on choosing an animation school?

A: CalArts is pretty solid.  That’s where I went.  

Q: Is Adventure Time set in post-apocalyptic Earth.  

A: Mmmhmm, The Land of Ooo is what Earth has become after The Great Mushroom War.  Everything’s irradiated and mutated.. that’s why magic exists and Princess Bubblegum’s made out of gum and Finn has little dots for eyes.  They’re all mutants.  That’s also why Finn and Jake find a lot of cool junk underground.. or under the water like in the Business Men episode.